Voodoo Swing is Shorty Kreutz on lead guitar and vocals; Walt Spano on drums and hollerin’ and Tommy Collins on the doghouse double-bass. Their unique style of “rip-it-up” Rockabilly first attracted England’s Nervous Records in 1993. Voodoo Swing’s debut album “We’re Usin’ Code Names!” is followed by a second album, “Well, Okay Then!” released on Netherlands’ Rockhouse Records label. Voodoo Swing is also featured on Rockabilly compilations “American Rumble” and “The Sounds of Gasoline ’’. The band also scores the soundtrack for the Lowrider documentary “Low and Slow” as well as for the full-length feature film “Rockabilly Vampire”. In 1998, Shorty is awarded “Best Electric Guitar Player” by Salt Lake’s City Weekly Magazine reader’s poll. 

In the early years, the band headquartered in Salt Lake City. After a long hiatus, the band regrouped in Phoenix and released their third record, “Greasers Por Vida”, then criss-crossed the Western USA on their “Back From the Grave” tour. In 2010 the band, released “Refried Voodoo Beans” produced by Olivier Zahm of Electric Lotus Music, album redesigned and reprinted by Electric Lotus Music in 2011. The band had just added the young Wesley Hinshaw on upright bass. His incredible slap bass playing sets the new Voodoo Swing sound apart from the flock. Voodoo Swing continued to tour the Western United States in their 1969 Lincoln Continental, towing a trailer-full of gear. They also begin to tour heavily in Europe, mainly the countries of Belgium, Holland, Germany and Austria, playing small venues as well as popular Summer Festivals for their ardent European Rockabilly fans. “Keep on Rollin’”, Voodoo Swing’s first Electric Lotus Label release premieres in the summer of 2011. This proved to be the trio’s most popular release to date, backed by sponsors, Gretsch Guitars and Motorhouse Apparel. Again, the band hit the road in the Voodoo Continental, as well as playing heavy European schedules in the summers of ’11 and ’12, the latter enhanced by the “Europe Summer Tour 2012” record with some very exclusive recordings which are already sought after by collectors.

2013 marks the debut of the band’s finest work in their 20-year history. “Fast Cars, Guitars, Tattoos & Scars” is a 13-song masterpiece that represents the band’s thoughts, angst, joy and trials of playing music for the love of it and for a living. They stretch their sound with more blues, bluegrass, honky-tonk as well as loads of talented guest musicians. This is the record that will surely get you off your seat and into your hot rod, windows down, wind in your hair, the stereo volume set to 11. For old Voodoo Swing fans and all the new ones, be prepared to wear the grooves out of “Fast Cars, Guitars, Tattoos & Scars”!


Shorty Kreutz / Lead Vocals, Guitars
Tommy Collins / Upright & Bass
Walter Spano / Drums


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