Ronikier grew up in a family of artists, musicians and skiers. Andre’s childhood was focused on skiing, music and school. Though he kept working for his real passion which was music. He learned the piano alone at the neighbors house because at that time the family couldn’t afford one. At the age of 13 he exchanged a pair of skies for his first guitar and started to practice several hours per day which lead to a big conflict with his parents.

Ronikier played with his first band at the age of 15. At the age of 19 he received a scholarship and intended musical studies at the Lamont School of Music in DU in classical guitar and composition. Due to some visa problems he had to return to France in 2001 where he had to do his military service at the mountain section “ chasseurs alpins”.

He joined several bands as side guitarist, played many concerts all over Europe with different formations and styles. Rock, folk, jazz, blues, gypsy, ethno. He played 8 years with The Technicolor Orchestra. He has composed over 500 songs.



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